CLIENT:Cri de Coeur Vegan Footwear
CHALLENGE:Owner Gina Ferraraccio approached me with the idea of having her latest collection falling from the top of the screen...could I do it? Ummmm....Of course! Thousands of lines of ActionScript 3 code later we had a website. The shoes fall continously and will adjust their random starting points to the size of the browser window.
SOLUTION: The paint drips do the same - sensing the bottom of the window they start again at another random position at the top. If a visitor hovers over a shoe, all falling stops and a translucent window appears with more information and a photo of the shoe. Alternatively, the entire collection's details can be viwed by opening a module at the top of the screen. All footwear information and every photo and illustration is generated dynamically - everything can be changed by modifying an XML file!
TECHNOLOGIES:Flash, AS3 custom external classes and components, Photoshop, Illustrator
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